Peak Power Hypnosis – Trypnosis sessions

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Peak Power Hypnosis – Trypnosis sessions

Imagine your unconscious mind is the hard disk of a bio-computer with its own operating system and software that runs your current life.

You unconscious mind is irrational and deals with habitual behaviors. It cannot distinguish from negative or positive, it just replays programs (habits) loaded into it since your were born.

Your conscious mind deals with rational decision making, it also acts like a filter for all the noise and information that bombards you all day long from your environment.

Your conscious mind hates multitasking and it prefers doing one activity at a time. Under stress and when forced to multitask, as many of us do in this hectic modern times, its ability to protect your unconscious mind from negative information is disrupted.

Sleight of hand magicians and stage hypnotists take advantage of this fact when they distract their subjects and bypass the rational conscious mind planting suggestions into the unconscious.

Your conscious mind is a powerful tool to getting the life you want. When you learn to take control of your conscious mind you can write positive programs into your unconscious mind that form empowered habits.

The Conscious Mind Primer is a powerful 30 minute hypnotic journey designed to speak directly to your conscious mind and to prepare it for the transformation ahead.


Subliminal Acoustic Hypnosis

Unique method of hypnosis recording written and performed by world class hypnotherapist John Vincent (trained directly under internationally renowned hypnotists Paul Mckenna & Richard Bandler)

Trypnaural Isochronic Tones Technology

Modern brainwave entrainment technology that takes you from beta waking states, through to deep delta. Isochronic tones are 3 x more effective than out-dated binaural beats.

World Class Meditation Music

World class meditation music by Niraj Naik (amAya) using his unique blend of therapeutic Trypnaural sounds. This special music enhances the power of hypnosis, helping you glide smoothly into a deep trance for the most blissful experience imaginable.

Highest Quality Digital Audio Possible

Most other products of this kind online use poor quality mp3 formats that actually causes brain stress as your brain has to try and compensate for the loss of quality and frequencies of sound. We have solved that problem by producing our tracks in the highest quality digital audio formats available.

Brainwave entrainment in the form of isochronic tones is the most powerful method for getting into deep trance states. We have already tested this with our Trypnaural brainwave music.
Hypnosis with subtle acoustic stereo mixing for subliminal programming effects is far superior to just using plain standard hypnosis recordings.
Trypnosis is best done at night to allow the subconscious mind to assimilate the information provided to it from the hypnotic script – the added bonus of this is you can get the best nights sleep ever and wake up refreshed and energised to take on the world.


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