Peter Droubay- Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series

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Peter Droubay- Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series
Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series, the most comprehensive sales training course in the market today, is a 30-lesson, action-oriented course designed to coach and mentor you to much higher levels of success in your sales career. Watch one 20 to 60-minute, entertaining, sales training video per day, per week, or per month and you’ll experience more confidence, better relationships with clients and much higher sales revenues! Thousands of clients have already experienced outstanding results. Also includes in the Participant Kit, a beautiful, 500-page course manual that supplies all of the support material for the lessons, and a set of six audio CD’s for course review.

This posting also includes the facilitator’s guide along with 6 CDs on Sales Management.

These sales training DVD is given by an energetic speaker, Peter Droubay, who is a corporate trainer that has given over 3,000 workshops, classes and speeches. Clients all over the world have enjoyed his down to earth, genuine teaching style, which delivers profound information in an easy to apply format. He has helped thousands increase sales performance through a well rounded program of personal development, planning, time, project management, “cutting edge” sales skills, and innovative marketing systems. Peter is the author and producer of best selling training products and produces training materials for many nationally recognized franchises.
This posting includes:
7 DVDs ripped to 37 .AVI files
12 CDs ripped to .MP3 at 128 k.
1 Course Manual – 516 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked
1 Facilitator Guide – 147 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked


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