Peter Freeth – The NLP Trainer Training Manual

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Peter Freeth – The NLP Trainer Training Manual

Please note that this book has been converted from epub into pdf. So, the layout is not brilliant. Please do not let that distract you from the quality of information contained within the book

Your NLP learning journey has been a very personal one, where you have already made many wonderful changes in your life and your relationships. That journey continues with NLP Trainer Training, where you take on a great responsibility which reaches far beyond your students, to touch their clients, colleagues, friends and families. As a NLP Trainer, your duty of care and your responsibility to train and assess your students to the very highest standards are pushed to a new level, far beyond your own circle of influence. Not only do you have to master the techniques and principles of NLP, you have to connect those principles to a new generation of students who will walk in your footsteps. This is a great privilege, and a great responsibility, which you can explore in this manual and through NLP Trainer Training. If you’re ready for this next step on your journey then you will discover: The art of performance that will make your training unique The learning cycle which drives human knowledge A flexible, powerful approach to instructional design The right way to plan, structure and deliver your training The real secrets to being an engaging, compelling presenter The keys to staying one step ahead of your students Simple ways to invisibly manage conflict and other problems For over 20 years, Peter Freeth has pioneered NLP’s applications in mainstream business which are now used by countless trainers, coaches and professionals, worldwide, and which are shared in this and his other books.


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