Rex Sikes and Jonathan Altfeld – Prac Packs 1+2

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Rex Sikes and Jonathan Altfeld
Prac Packs 1+2

In November 2012, Jonathan convinced Rex to return to the public, and co-train an NLP Practitioner course.  The results were astounding, memorable, and rich!  We’re letting you in on the magic! This page offers topical MP3 sets, meant as useful refreshers for Practitioners, as well as good preparation for future Practitioners.

FYI: These MP3s do contain some adult language. Also, Audio Quality is not perfect, and varies; some clips needed more noise-reduction than others.

PRAC PACK 1:  How to Master NLP More Easily & Naturally (2.5 Hrs) –  Some people spend ages, continuously shooting themselves in the foot, not knowing how to most easily and quickly add skills and new behaviors into their repertoire… that can be the basis of life-long positive change!  Why?  Because they don’t understand how easy it is to do. They think struggle is required.  No pain, no gain.  Yet, what if learning and mastering NLP could be fun, easy and faster?  Would you want to know how to make it so?  Would you want your experiences to be more pleasant? Or do you prefer to struggle? Take this opportunity to start learning, in the way your brain is designed to learn… The process is fun and easy to add into your life and will be the gateway for huge changes and mastery!  Jonathan introduces Rex,  Rex’s Directed Questions™, the N.O.P.S. Learning model,  Give Yourself a Break!  And “Errol Flynns!”

PRAC PACK 2:  Anchoring for the Everyday NLP Wizard (2 Hours) – Jonathan & Rex train practical Anchoring skills, in their unique experiential way!  For the first time on audio, Jonathan shares his profound “Pulse/Hold” anchoring acceleration method, and Rex shares how you can effectively systematize your behavior to anchor anyone and everyone consistently!  Rex also discusses the deep value of Precision.  Finally, you get to hear a brilliant exercise that will demonstrate how you can anchor friends sitting next to you, anywhere, anytime!


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