Rex Steven Sikes – Attitude Activator

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Rex Steven Sikes – Attitude Activator

About author
Rex Sikes is a sought after public speaker and seminar leader who demonstrates the
amazing powers of the human mind. From Los Angeles, California, Rex performed as a
Mind Reader, and appeared in movies and on television. He entertains and speaks to
international groups for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Rex is a
consultant for celebrity trials including the OJ Simpson trial and TV news shows. Rex
has authored numerous home study programs including “How To Get People To Do
What You Want: Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping Or Nagging.”
Rex claims no supernatural powers and states that anything he does others can learn to
do with the appropriate training and dedication. Rex hopes that you will be inspired by
what he demonstrates to learn to use the powers of your own mind to enjoy life more.
Rex is also founder of IDEA Seminars, Inc., where he trains students from all over the
world in personal development and influential communication. Rex is a sought after
speaker and presenter on the powers of the mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming and
nonverbal communication for over 25 years now..

Product Info
This unique 45 minute audio program uses the most recent Attitude Activator by Rex Sikes & Carolyn Bruha advancement in hypnotic processing, NLP and DHE, and universal tones/sounds. For use with headphones and/or in conjunction with light/sound machines you will hear multiple voices, sounds and originally composed music coming from various directions designed to stimulate different parts of the brain. The most significant predictor for determining success in all your endeavors is your attitude. Experts preach the importance of a “positive mental attitude”, without explaining how to get one! When you get this tape, you can develop a powerful new attitude that is personal to you.

Attitude doesn’t always mean “pumped up”. You can discover childlike curiosity, calm assurance, excited anticipation, delight, unstoppable confidence… activated wherever and whenever you need it. You’ll think clearer, feel more confident, make better decisions, and have more fun when you first activate a positive state of mind.

People have used it to get up easily filled with energy, to go to bed relaxed, to quit smoking, to gain weight, to loose weight, to exercise more, to eliminate bad habits, to start doing good habits – that’s the beauty of this program. You can use it for multiple desires. Start with one area you wish to improve or eliminate before working on the rest.

This audio program has been a best seller since 1991!


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