Richard Bolstad – Creating A Cooperative World

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Richard Bolstad
 Creating A Cooperative World

You are holding in your hands a product of a unique and important time in history, the time when the use of violence and war as the primary method of resolving conflict is coming to an end. As a symptom of this time in world history, more and more people are learning new ways of responding to conflict; ways that neither avoid conflict, nor escalate it into aggression; ways that genuinely resolve conflict and create cooperation. This book is based on the Transforming Communication training, which Dr Richard Bolstad developed. In his own country of New Zealand. This training has been used as a core module in teaching medical practitioners, nurses, priests and ministers of the churches, counsellors, coaches and teachers. It is used to train high school students as peer mediators, and to train University staff for their work in both the classroom and office. It has been used to train the top management of Government departments and staff in banks, large international trading organisations and oil companies. The same skills can be adapted to work in all these different situations, and in every culture. Richard has personally taught it to Government functionaries in Beijing, Managers in Tokyo, School Boards in the United States, Government members and police in the Pacific Islands of Samoa, Trainers in Poland and many other groups


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