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Richard Bolstad – Full NLP Trainer 20 Day Certification Audio Set

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 Richard Bolstad – Full NLP Trainer 20 Day Certification Audio Set

 36 MP3s 1 PDF

60 hours of recorded training! Contents include:

Design and market seminars
Teach inspirationally
Create group co-operation
Resourcefully handle questions and challenges in training
Apply NLP language patterns, anchoring, trancework, metaphor etc in training
Model the win-win skills of Transforming Communication
Design NLP weekends, Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings to IANLP standards
Design trainings that “wow” your students and make them hungry for more
Use advanced anchoring techniques in training to create powerful learning states
Set up a successful NLP Training business from the beginning of your career
Design metaphors to pre-teach NLP processes and generate unconscious agreement
Use the 4-MAT to elegantly structure training that works for students with different learning styles, metaprograms and values
Set individual tasks for students and do live demonstrations that convince your students they can successfully use the NLP skills you teach them
Design practical exercises to teach both concrete processes and abstract concepts
Use trance to install learning at the deepest level, teaching both conscious and unconscious
Clarify what is and what is not NLP, and develop your own models of NLP
Teach with utter clarity, introducing new concepts in ways that students grasp instantly
Utilise even the most challenging questions to teach NLP more fully
Direct the energy in the training room to inspire and motivate students


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