Richard Bolstad -New Zealand Treaty of Watanga Education Day

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Richard Bolstad
New Zealand Treaty of Watanga
Education Day

Richard trained as a facilitator of Treaty Education with Waitangi Workshops and Project Waitangi. This type of training is often required in New Zealand by large corporations, government organizations and helping professional bodies such as the Association of Counselors. It is useful for people new to New Zealand and puzzled by the ongoing discussions about Maori status in New Zealand, for New Zealanders who want to make sense of what is happening in their own country, and for people who come from other places in the world which face similar post-colonial issues (almost everywhere). Many Master Practitioners describe the day as one of the most inspiring and important experiences in their entire NLP training.

On this training we will use the safe context of our NLP frames and Transforming Communication values to explore:

The history of Maori-Colonial interactions in New Zealand and the treaty
The international context of post-colonial, world society and United Nations expectations re indigenous peoples rights
The current social and political situation of Maori in New Zealand
The future of cooperative relationships between cultures in New Zealand


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