Richard Bolstad – The Rapport based Organization

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Richard Bolstad
The Rapport based Organization

The Rapport Based Organisation is the organisation you were wanting to
be a part of when you began your career. This book draws on research,
experience and on models from the field of NLP to show how you can
create it. Chapters cover Rapport,
The Four Essential Skills Leaders Use
to Lead, Creating Cooperation, True Motivation, Coaching: The Secret
of Excellence, Consulting: Coaching the Whole Organisation, How Your
Business Can Save the Planet, and Selling Success

Dr Richard Bolstad is a certified trainer with the International
Association for NLP. He has managed a successful international NLP
training company for 20 years and teaches top managers in New Zealand
Government and corporate environments in New Zealand and Japan.
Richard is a trained teacher, psychotherapist and a registered nurse. His
previous book,
Transforming Communication is a required text in a
number of degree level programs.. He lives with his partner Julia
Kurusheva north of Auckland, New Zealand. His articles have appeared
in numerous journals, and he teaches these skills in Asia, Australasia, the
Americas and Europe.


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