Richard Nongard (St. Louis Heartland Hypnosis Convention) – Hypnotic Phenomena

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Richard Nongard (St. Louis Heartland Hypnosis Convention)

Hypnotic Phenomena

Hypnotic phenomena like anesthesia, time distortion, perceptual changes and amnesia are powerful tools. You don’t want to skip incorporating these ideas into your sessions. I had a client who came back for a second session and he said the first session was “great” but he wanted to “feel” hypnotized so he would “know it was working”.  By using hypnotic phenomena you can boost the effectiveness of your sessions!

Hypnotic phenomena is the tool you use to do that. And when you do, your clients will respond with increased satisfaction, trance depth and action on your suggestions. Satisfied clients who act on your suggestions are clients who will bring you referrals, and help you build a practice!

I recorded these at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference in 2015. There are four videos, each 45 minutes, and each teaching you the specific methods of integrating phenomena from induction to post-hypnotic suggestion. The video has been edited to cut out the fluff of a conference, and get right to the heart of how you can do hypnotic phenomena in your sessions. The techniques are demonstrated in a way that you can follow along with the processes.

You will learn:

• Rapid induction strategies

• How to bring convincers into your primary induction

• How to utilize phenomena so a client leaves “feeling” hypnotized

• Specific strategies for using phenomena in a therapeutic way

• You will learn the value of hallucination and how to create positive or negative hallucination

• Arm levitation, catalepsy and dissociation are all discussed in this video series


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