Rick Collingwood – Energy Boost

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Rick Collingwood – Energy Boost

This 30 minute energy boost hypnosis session is designed to be used during the day to realign your energy levels and give you a quick pick-me-up. If you find yourself lacking energy during the day and need an extra boost, then this program is for you.

This Product Contains:

2 MP3 Audio tracks totaling 40 minutes

What You Will Learn:

This specifically-designed hypnosis session contains a powerfully recorded rapid induction to get you into the deeply relaxed states of Alpha and then Theta very quickly. Rick then uses direct suggestions and visualization techniques to align your body and mind in order to boost your current energy level.

Just before this recording ends there is a hypnotic ‘wake up,’ which will bring you back to your full conscious attentive state, ready to tackle what the rest of the day has to bring.

A special component of Energy Boost is the ‘post hypnotic’ suggestion contained on the recording, which allows you to immediately increase your energy levels anytime you are feeling flat or tired, by simply clenching your fist. This is a very strong technique that will especially help you on those extra busy days when you have to simply keep going to get everything done.


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