Rick Collingwood – Healthy Eating through Hypnosis

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Rick Collingwood
Healthy Eating through Hypnosis

This audio recording automatically makes you more aware of the portions of food you eat, and when you eat them. It will give you a strong desire to eat healthy, fresh foods instead of unhealthy ones.

This Product Contains

2 tracks totaling 54 minutes

What You Will Learn

Easily control emotional eating, binge eating and constant snacking on the wrong foods by overriding these negative eating patterns permanently.

By releasing past negative eating patterns and suggesting new positive ways to be healthy, you will no longer feel like eating fatty or sugary foods. Instead you’ll feel like small portions of healthy food at predetermined meal times, and also become motivated to exercise daily.

You’ll also feel more confident with yourself and the people around you making it easy to make these lifestyle changes without anxiety. Improve your diet to a more healthy way of eating. Let Rick guide you through the fundamentals of portion control and correct food choice to ensure these messages remain entrenched in your subconscious thought patterns. Lose weight, exercise daily, eat healthy foods, and become more motivated and confident.

“I have to say that after only two sessions I am feeling totally great, light as a feather. So many subtle changes are happening within in me already. I intend on getting the weight loss recording, however, through listening to this one I have noticed that my food cravings have literally disappeared. I feel calm, more centered, energetic and I can’t stop talking about it. I have had hypnotherapy in the past and it worked really well, so I already had an affinity to this amazing tool.Your voice tone and accent also make it easy to listen to. I think you should get booked on Oprah. Many thanks.”
Valerie – San Diego, CA


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