Rick Collingwood – Mind-Body Healing

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Rick Collingwood
Mind-Body Healing

This CD was used in the world’s first hypnosis & cancer trials held in Perth, Western Australia in conjunction with a pharmacist and nine cancer patients. On this recording Rick uses a specialized format of clinical hypnosis to help you relax, switch off, and access the unconscious parts of the mind responsible for regulating the physical systems of the body.

First released in 2001, the Mind Body Healing recording is even more relevant today – it has helped thousands of people with all manner of conditions. Its popularity resulted in an official Gold Record certification by the Australian Recording Industry in 2008.

This Product Contains:

2 MP3 audio tracks totaling 55 minutes

What You Will Learn:

For legal reasons we do not intend use of this program as a cure for disease or illness, rather as an adjunct to help facilitate a more well-rounded approach to seeking better health. In saying this, we have received a great deal of feedback from customers relating to how this program has helped them with conditions such as cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, pain, and other health issues. It must be noted that daily deep relaxation and a strong-willed determined mindset goes a long way to helping bring positive change to one’s life in many ways.

This recording was professionally designed using Advanced Mind Dynamics to promote harmony, balance & healing connections throughout the mind and body.

“Rick’s Mind, Body healing CD is great, it helped stop the post operative pain after my arm operation and I have recovered much sooner than expected. The CD also stopped me worrying and it helps me relax and sleep better at night.”
Mike – New Jersey, USA


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