Rick Collingwood – Pain Free

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Rick Collingwood – Pain Free
This self hypnosis program is suitable for any type of pain – from back pain to fibromyalgia to arthritic pain. It works on 2 levels:

To calm and relax the mind and create an ‘off switch’ to reduce pain levels
To activate the mind-body connection that helps moderate the pain receptors to a more controlled level
This Product Contains:

2 tracks totaling 65 minutes

What You Will Learn:

Using this audio program can significantly assist in immediately reducing pain just by entering into a deeply relaxing hypnotic trance. Deep relaxation allows you to emotionally dissipate any pain that you are experiencing by helping to make you calmer, more relaxed and genuinely more comfortable overall.

With repeated use over the recommended 8 weeks for this program, the aim is to create a new pattern on the deepest of levels within your mind for dealing with pain. It has helped many people to manage pain and live with a more comfortable life on a daily basis. It is completely safe, proven to be effective and a natural and non invasive alternative to managing physical pain.

A little bit of comfort goes a long way when it comes to living with a painful condition. This hypnosis recording has proven to be highly effective to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients by reducing their sensations of physical pain.

“I Found A Miracle! How often have I wished and prayed, that one day something could be found. To make my life more bearable, my pain and anguish less profound.
Now after years of suffering, caused by pain and stress, I’ve finally found my miracle, deep hypnotherapy no less. They work, they work they really work, I am so relieved and oh so grateful. Now there’s hope on the horizon, less pain, less stress, how wonderful.
Hypnosis therapy is my miracle, the one that I’ve been praying for, my mind and body both respond, I truly cannot ask for more. Thank you Dr Rick Collingwood.”
Natalie Spierenburg, sufferer of Fibromialga, Chronic
Fatigue, Arthritis, Migraines, Stress, Anxiety Disorder, Depression etc,etc – Brisbane


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