Rick Collingwood – Personal Life Motivation

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Rick Collingwood
 Personal Life Motivation

Rick Collingwood developed this very popular hypnosis session back in 2002. Since then it has helped many people essentially reclaim their ‘zest’ for life and develop the inner tools necessary to find personal happiness.

This program contains Rick’s trademark style of powerful spoken hypnotherapy to help get you thinking positive, acting confident, and most importantly, developing the motivation to make the most of every day by living life to it’s fullest. This program is especially useful if you are shy or introverted as it will help you ‘come out of your shell’ and bring your true personality forth.

This Product Contains:

2 tracks totaling 63 minutes

What You Will Learn:

Through hypnotherapy you can address the core issues that are causing any type of problem. In this session you can discover a more positive perspective towards life in general.

Instead of feeling reclusive, you should expect to have a desire to get out and meet new people and do new things. Instead of feeling tired and unmotivated in your free time, you can expect to have the motivation and enthusiasm to do something fun and exciting. All negative emotions should begin to balance as your mindset automatically shifts towards the positive rather than the negative.

Developed to Help With:

– Becoming more motivated to do new things
– Overcoming shyness & introversion
– Taking ‘time out’ for your own needs
– Improving general motivation & action
– Developing more confidence & self-esteem
– Appreciating each day and what it can bring

Sadly many of us become too wound up in the hustle of daily life that we forget about our own needs. We are so caught up with work, bills, and society’s expectations that we simply become overwhelmed. We become mentally & physically drained doing this, so when it comes time to experience life we often don’t have the energy or motivation to get out and do it. This can turn into a cycle and begin to negatively impact our core emotions and lead to feelings of regret, sadness and sometimes depression.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and get our priorities into order and our emotions into balance again. This is exactly what Rick designed this hypnosis session to achieve – to give you the time to work on your emotions and prioritize all the things that are most important in your life. Listening to this program daily will give you some quality relaxation time and most importantly, some time to work on yourself.

Improve your personal life by becoming more motivated, happy, and outgoing. Always choose to have fun and do new things.


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