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Rick Collingwood – PTSD & Anxiety

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Rick Collingwood
PTSD & Anxiety

This self hypnosis recording shows how, when you don’t live up to your own values, you begin to doubt your beliefs and your right to regain your self worth.

It enables you to realize that guilt and fear is an illusion, and our self worth comes from deep within ourselves, not from our actions.

This Product Contains:

2 tracks totaling 60 minutes

What You Will Learn:

The “PTSD and Anxiety” hypnosis recording shows how the illusions of the world not loving you are only the products of your own habits of guilt and fear.

This recording transforms your attitude into a positive and rational way of thinking, creating a new and happy future, leaving all your past issues in the past.

After listening to this powerful self hypnosis recording, you will feel much stronger, and your burden will be gone.


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