Rick Collingwood – Quit Smoking

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Rick Collingwood
Quit Smoking

In 2005 this CD was featured on the popular Australian TV show ‘A Current Affair’. In a televised trial it showed an 80% success rate for participants to give up smoking.

Originally developed in 2001, this program has stood the test of time and has now sold over 100,000 copies. It has continually demonstrated to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking, and has positively changed the lives of thousands of people.

This Product Contains:

2 tracks totaling 54 minutes

What You Will Learn:

– Reduce emotional cravings by calming your mind
– Enhance your overall will-power & self discipline
– Prepare for ‘high risk’ situations like alcohol, coffee, eating & stress
– Remove the triggers that make you smoke
– Reduce physical cravings through your mind-body connection
– Quit smoking without gaining weight
– Develop the confidence that you can do it – you can quit smoking!
– How Can Hypnosis Help Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis helps you access your subconscious mind to make powerful changes at the deepest levels. Using this program you can quite literally re-train your mind to not want to smoke any more, and also empower your mindset to support you in the quitting process.

On this recording is a proven formula developed by Rick Collingwood to cover every aspect that is important to turn you into a non-smoker. Through hypnosis, the suggestions, techniques & processes presented to you will become permanently embedded to ensure that you never return to this nasty habit again.

This program will help unleash a will-power that you may never have even knew was there! You will be pleasantly surprised that every time you feel like having a cigarette you will instead reach for a glass of water – with absolutely no hesitation!

*** Please note *** It is fine to remain on nicotine patches, gums, lozenges and other quit smoking products whilst you use this program, although it will work equally well without them and many people feel that this program alone is sufficient for the quitting process.

“I have just recently used your Stop Smoking CD with great success! I am a professional Stand Up Comedian and at 36 years of age had been smoking since I was in my early teens. I had tried everything over the past couple of years to give up, all to no avail. Until I happened along your hypnosis recording while I was in Melbourne. I’m proud to say that I am currently on day 39 without a ciggy, and I feel confident that I can keep this going easily. Believe me, my job has me around smokers every night I go to work, but your hypnosis session has been great!”
Mark McConville


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