Rick Collingwood – A Youthful You

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Rick Collingwood
A Youthful You

This self hypnosis recording enables you to see everything as easy instead of difficult, creating the feeling of contentment and calm that makes you the master of yourself.

This recording focuses on appetite, digestion, elimination and sleeping. It instructs all major organs to become healthy and any lesions to heal. It will help you release all past negative experiences or issues and create a passing from negative self destruction to positive self confidence.

This Product Contains:

2 tracks totaling 58 minutes

What You Will Learn:

You will be young and vital in every way.

Create youthful energy and enthusiasm, encouraging you to take interest in having new experiences and living anew again.

Scientific studies show a direct relationship between consistent deep relaxation and slowing the aging process. This recording is designed to implement these principles through a deep and relaxing hypnosis session that uses direct positive suggestions.

“The changes I have noticed from using A Youthful You are interesting. I have started embracing technology with an attitude of “what the heck, give it a go”. This has meant that I am experimenting with programmes on the computer that had me petrified before, making the excuse that I will never need to use that programme, so lets not fiddle with it. I have enjoyed that change. I have started to learn a language just for the fun of it. I cant wait to see what other changes these recordings unlock. I may even end up taking that hiking trip in Nepal that I have always wanted to do!”
Judy Driscoll