Rintu Basu – Advanced Persuasion patterns – 6 Month Course

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Rintu Basu – Advanced Persuasion patterns – 6 Month Course


What is Advanced Persuasion Patterns about?

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is a downloadable internet based course that is designed to make you an expert at covert hypnotic persuasion. The course is part video, part audio and part written and deals primarily about face to face persuasion skills although much of it can be used on the phone and also in written form.

Who is Advanced Persuasion Patterns designed for?

This material is designed so everyone, no matter what level, will find it easy to assimilate the content. People familiar with NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques will find that the approach, the content and the way it is applied is subtly different from more traditional approaches. For beginners this is an ideal structure because you can learn advanced material without the need for a steep learning curve.



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