Rintu Basu – Hypnotic Modelling: Learning to Learn

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Rintu Basu – Hypnotic Modelling
Learning to Learn

Warning: They don’t teach you about learning in schools

At the age of 10 he was labelled as thick.

At 15 they expected him to fail every subject.

Six months later he got straight A’s in every subject.

Two years later he was enrolled in a top university to study medicine.

And now after completing his degree he is now well on the way to being a brain surgeon.

Ever since the age of 15 I have been incensed by the fact that schools don’t teach you how to learn. In fact for many children they teach you to have unhelpful beliefs and fears about learning.

If you ever feel that learning is hard, you will never be able to master a subject that things are too complicated, confusing or just impossible to get into your head then you have some of these unhelpful beliefs or fears. This is not your fault, many people have these things installed into them in schools and colleges all over the world.

But the good news is learning is easy, you do it naturally and instinctively. And with a few mind hacks you can reach mastery of any skill, recall and apply the most complex of knowledge and even ace any exam subjects quickly and easily.

I have been studying and teaching accelerated learning techniques for almost forty years and think I have some of the most powerful, elegant and easy learning systems on the planet.

Here are some of the things people have done with the knowledge I’ve given them:

*  Michael was 15 and in danger of failing all his exams when I first met him. He had been diagnosed as ADHD and Dyslexic. He is now studying to become a surgeon in one of the most prestigious Universities in Scotland.
* Andrea was panicking about the size of her reading list for her master’s degree. I spent a Saturday morning teaching her core study skills and by the end of that same weekend she had completed the reading for the whole semester including making comprehensive notes.
* I have taken a yearlong professional course, condensed it into four days and still got a distinction in the exams.
* A driver who failed their test over ten times passed with flying colours when she just tried a simple half an hour exercise…and she didn’t even have to go driving to know that she would pass the next time she was in a car.
* Tom took a notoriously difficult subject that was taking a week to teach and providing poor quality results, cut down the study time to a day with a better success rate.
* Martin taught his team to go from average performance to a top performing team in the space of a week.

The core skill that underpins empowerment, personal development, coaching and therapy is learning

The pace of our world is speeding up. In any professional role keeping ahead of the curve means lots of studying new ideas, techniques and technology. In life if you are not learning new things and developing your skills you will stagnate, wither and wilt.

But really picking up new skills, learning, developing and growing should be…and in fact is, great fun.

The crux of the matter is there are key fundamentals to our ability to learn and when you really get to understand how they work you can dramatically boost your ability to grow, develop and take in any subject. As well as have a lot of fun doing it.

I’ve decided to create a course to share with you my forty years of study and practice around accelerated learning and modelling.

The issue isn’t the content of the course, it is about how easy it is to integrate it into your life to create some dramatic shifts. I’m know for using the skills to teach the skills. The course I have created is designed specifically to take you to a high level of skill in learning and developing your own models.


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