Robert Dilts – Authentic Leadership: The Alpha Leader

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Robert Dilts – Authentic Leadership: The Alpha Leader

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Product Description:

This 7 hour CD contains a complete 2-day seminar presented by Robert B Dilts in front of a live audience. He describes the skills and practices that will help you to understand and master the Alpha Leadership model and The Inner Game of Leadership by developing:
A feeling of confidence and the absence of anxiety and self-doubt
A sense of “humble authority” – self-confidence without arrogance
A capacity to accept and benefit from challenges and change rather than to be subjected to them
A state of focused spaciousness in the mind and relaxed readiness in the body
More ability to remain connected to your deep identity and maintain a sense of calm and trust in challenging and unstable conditions
The ability to handle both opportunities and dangers in times of change

You will further learn how to:
Develop the capacity to be present and centered in yourself
Be aligned with your core values and vision
Be connected with those around you

Full Contents Listing:
Part 1 (01:40:00): Intro – The Inner Game of Self Leadership and How to Stay in Your Zone of Excellence
Part 2 (00:59:00): Mapping Opportunities and Dangers
Part 3 (01:08:00): Aligning Opportunities and Dangers
Part 4 (00:53:00): Leadership and Archetypical Energies
Part 5 (00:54:00): Taming the Inner Demons That Take You Out of Your Zone of Excellence
Part 6 (01:07:00): The Gift of Attention: Here is My Vision – and How You Can Support Me!
Part 7: Credits and Contact Information
Bonus cd (16:50): Robert B Dilts talks to Lisbeth Nielsson about the Importance of Authentic Leadership in Times of Change, the Inner Game of Self Leadership and Thought Viruses.


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