Robert Hughes – Unlocking the Blueprint of the Psyche

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Robert Hughes – Unlocking the Blueprint of the Psyche
Self-Hypnosis for Modern Miracles

Unlocking the Blueprint of the Psyche: Self-Hypnosis for Modern Miracles is a superb reference for both the new and seasoned Hypnotist.

The first section of the book introduces you to your amazing and wonderful subconscious mind where your deepest thoughts, feeling and behaviors have their roots. It teaches you to talk to your subconscious mind in language that it understands; allowing you to enter and make changes within.

Author and longtime Clinical Hypnotist Robert Hughes BCH, shows you how to write powerful suggestions and scripts for positive change in your feelings, thoughts and actions automatically and effortlessly, as well as step by step instructions on creating your own powerful Self-Hypnosis scripts.

Finally, the second section of the book presents you with 17 successful Self-Hypnosis scripts from the author’s own practice, such as inductions, deepening and awakenings; plus topics such as stress management, pain management, emotional freedom, addictions and compulsions, personal growth, weight reduction, stop smoking, improving memory.

All of these can be used as is; or can be easily modified to improve your life in thousands of ways – including a Self-Hypnosis master script that can be applied to anything you want to work on. Unlocking the Blueprint of the Psyche is designed to help harness the incredible power of your mind to create self-help miracles in your life.


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