Rollo Tomassi The Rational Male

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Rollo Tomassi The Rational Male

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– Includes epub The rational Male 2 – Preventative Medicine

Rollo Tomassi The Rational Male
is a rational and pragmatic approach to intergender dynamics and the social and psychological underpinnings of intergender relations. The book is the compiled, ten-year core writing of author/blogger Rollo Tomassi from Rollo Tomassi is one of the leading voices in the globally growing, male-focused online consortium known as the “Manosphere”. Outlined are the concepts of positive masculinity, the feminine imperative, plate theory, operative social conventions and the core psychological theory behind Game awareness and “red pill” ideology. Tomassi explains and outlines the principles of intergender social dynamics and foundational reasoning behind them.

Rollo Tomassi The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine (epub)
Building on the core works of The Rational Male, Rational Male – Preventive Medicine presents a poignant outline of the phases of maturity and the most commonly predictable experiences men can expect from women as they progress through various stages of life. Rational and pragmatic, the book explores the intergender and social dynamics of each stage of women’s maturity and provides a practical understanding for men in dealing with women in those phases. Preventive Medicine also provides revealing outlines of feminine social primacy, Hypergamy, the ‘Hierarchies of Love’ and the importance of understanding the conventional nature of complementary masculinity in a world designed to keep men ignorant of it. The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine seeks to help men who “wish they knew then what they know now.” The book is the first in of series complements to The Rational Male, the twelve-year core writing of author/blogger Rollo Tomassi from Rollo Tomassi is one of the leading voices in the globally growing, male-focused online consortium known as the “Manosphere”.

REVIEWS from Goodreads

Review – positive
“The Rational Male is an easy to digest set of essays that essentially tune men into the real dynamics of the sexual marketplace, and the cultural/political forces surrounding it. It’s easy to see when reading it that the author’s primary intent is to educate the average guy about his potential, options, leverage and best strategies when interacting with women. It’s particularly valuable because it does an excellent job of explaining women’s sexual and relationship strategies, and some of the most common social conventions used to leverage guys into acting against their own best interest in their relationships without them even realizing it.

If you read and appreciated books like Men on Strike by Dr Helen Smith or The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell, you will probably enjoy this book as well, because although they cover different subjects they frequently touch on similar themes.

Some of the most interesting writing for me was on the topics of female hypergamy, the nature of Alpha and Beta men, the typical guys belief in relational equity, women hitting the wall, and the changing power dynamics between men and women as they age. It’s all easy to understand and digest, whilst still prompting the reader to think in a variety of directions about the connections and consequences of the ideas put forth. In short, it’s stimulating and energetic writing and I’ve never come across anything quite like it before.

It takes great courage to write a book like this in today’s PC culture, but it felt to me as though the author really had the best interests of the average guy in mind when he wrote it. I also felt he was very honest in his communication. I really appreciated that, and I’m recommending this book to all my guy friends. Keep up the great work Rollo, looking forward to the next one.” – Maya

Review – negative
Tomassi’s writing is essentially an imitation of what he thinks academic language sounds like. He appears to have bought into the myth that the use of jargon adds legitimacy or some form of enhanced truth to the subject matter being spoken of (either that, or he is cleverly exploiting the myth on whatever depressed males are buying into this).

At the end of the day, he has constructed an elaborate fiction of a world that doesn’t exist, and convinced people they must engage and do battle with the fictionalized women within it. I suspect that the result is a small segment of emotionally vulnerable males attempting to manipulate (or successfully manipulating) a small segment of emotionally vulnerable females, while carrying the belief that this microcosm represents some sort of bigger picture about how the rest of the world behaves.

I didn’t realize ‘pseudo-sociology’ or ‘pseudo-anthropology’ was a thing until my curiosity got me to slog through some of this endurance-test masquerading as insight. I think the saddest part of all this is that Tomassi speaks of adult married life as if he is some sort of authority despite probably never having participated in it, while his very young followers are destined to develop very strange ideas about the opposite sex.

Review – Female
I am not sure that my opinion of this book will “count” since I am obviously too female for the target audience, but what the hell.

I took a journalism class once and was told not to use a two-dollar word when a ten cent word would do. That’s a common rule.

If you follow that rule, I’m pretty sure the author is throwing around twenties in an effort to make this book sound way more intellectual than it really is.


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