Ron Ormond – Master Method of Hypnosis: Full Professional Training in Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis

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Ron Ormond – Master Method of Hypnosis
Full Professional Training in Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis

This course offers its students the most thorough of scientific instruction that can actually make you a master of Hypnotism. It is the type of professional training in Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis than can be obtained nowhere else, but before you decide whether you’d like to learn more, we ask you to consider some of the many things you will be able to accomplish once you have taken this course. Some of them may seem almost to wonderful to believe, yet we stand behind every statement. WHAT THE MASTER METHOD TEACHES YOU !!
◾You will be taught how to hypnotize by revolving spirals, bright object, and mechanical means. We show you exactly how to use them.
◾You will be shown how to hypnotize by suggestion. This course is far in advance of anything ever before offered. Our methods are the result long experience working with thousands of subjects all over the world.
◾You will be taught how to hypnotize by passes. This is a phase of the phenomena little known and not understood by many operators. Our instruction covers this subject thoroughly; you will find that many people can be hypnotized by passes when other method’s have absolutely no effect.
◾You will be able to hypnotize by a combination of processes, which will hypnotize more people than any single process alone. Our course is the only one explaining how to combine suggestion, passes, and mechanical means so as to hypnotize the more difficult individuals.
◾You will learn how to hypnotize without making a single pass or hardly giving a suggestion. A look, a thought, and the subject falls into a trance.

◾You will learn to mesmerize, which is a subject that interests many people. This is something very rarely taught; we give you the best processes to experiment with and teach you the difference between mesmerism and hypnotism.

◾You learn how to treat disease with hypnotism. We show you how to apply suggestive therapeutics. This is a tremendously important field. It will be possible to cure alcoholism, cigarette smoking, chronic headaches, neuralgia, insomnia, phobias, lack of self-control, and hundreds of other complaints. No physician can afford to be without this knowledge.

◾You will learn the processes of mental healing, and how to cure one’s self. This branch of therapeutics has thousands of adherents throughout the civilized world, and has unquestionable been the means of saving hundreds of people from premature graves. It often cures when all other methods fail.

◾You will learn the secrets of Personal Magnetism, or the unconscious application of hypnotism. This information alone is worth ten times the cost of the entire course. We have devoted much study to this particular phase of hypnotism, and have come in contact with prominent men and women who are noted for their almost magic-like influence over others. We have made it our business to find out the exact methods each has used to attain success. We give the cream of this rich knowledge to our students. If you want to be successful in life, if you want to influence those with whom you came in contact, you cannot afford to be without this information.

◾You will be shown how to correctly awaken subjects from even the deepest of hypnotic sleeps, easily and effectively. Our methods are designed so as to benefit the subject at all times. You cannot possibly harm anyone if you apply our methods as directed. We also show you how to awaken a subject whom someone else has hypnotized and cannot awaken. We absolutely guarantee our methods to awaken any subject and also guarantee that after you have taken our course you will be able to remove hypnotic influence under any and all circumstances. You are given infallible secrets in awakening people that are unobtainable elsewhere.

◾You will be taught how to hypnotize people instantaneously. These methods are a marvel to hypnotists and people everywhere. Observers can hardly believe their own eyes.


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