Saj P Philip Mansour – Banner Ad Blueprint

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Saj P Philip Mansour – Banner Ad Blueprint

Saj P Philip Mansour – Banner Ad Blueprint

In Banner Ad Blueprint You Will Find…

1. How you get started in Affiliate Marketing

2. How to do Market Research properly

3. When is the best time to use Landing Pages vs. When to use Direct Linking

4. How to Master Banners Completely

5. How to sign up with the Top Banner Exchange Ad Networks

6. How to do Demographic Targeting the 2nd step to correct Market Research

7. What are Insertion Orders and how to set them up

8. How to track everything using 3rd party Adservers

Banner Ad Blueprint is made up of 30+ video lessons jam packed with 10+ hours useful information. All these videos are divided into 8 Modules, and each module have video tutorials, ebooks, and mindmaps!

The great thing about Media Buying / Banner Advertising, is that it does not make a difference whatever affiliate network or “type” of network an individual joins or belongs to.

Wether it is Clickbank, CPA Networks, places like Commission Junction, Linkshare, and so on. They Really recognize exactly how many individuals want to stay with Clickbank, and also just how others like to roll with Cpa marketing Networks, therefore they simply decided to Accommodate Everyone, and when someone does not wish to move out of their “comfort zone”, then they don’t have to do it.

Banner Ad Blueprint will be your best friend when advertising doing media buys. Saj P and Philip Mansour’s newest program reveals powerfully effective tactics to getting the most for your leverage for you advertising efforts.


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