Scott Dinsmore – Live Off Your Passion

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Scott Dinsmore – Live Off Your Passion

Course: Live Off Your Passion
About the creator: Scott Dinsmore is an entrepreneur and explorer whose life’s work is helping people build a career around the work they love. He has created a Live Your Legend revolution, which includes two courses, Live Off Your Passion and How to Connect with Anyone, to support this purpose. He achieved his knowledge through doing and connecting with other inspiring doers around the world.
Price: $197 or three monthly payments of $77. Scott also offers a 90-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
Who It’s For: This course is for people who are just starting out exploring the concept of finding their passion and wondering how they could make a living doing something they truly love.
What It Will Help You Do: If you do not understand your passion or purpose, this course should help you define it — I say should because, well, “you can lead a horse to water” and all that.
It will also help you develop ideas around how to support yourself and what sort of business you could start around that passion. If you aren’t the entrepreneurial type, the bonus module will give you some ideas on how to find a job you love.
What’s Included: The course is broken into 8 modules, each with a worksheet for you to complete, articles to read and video conversations between Scott and a series of experts in each of the areas. There are also two bonus resources.

Module 1: Reconditioning What’s Possible. An introduction to the course and an exploration of why you’re doing this, plus an examination of your habits.

Module 2: Building Your Compass & Becoming a Self-Expert. Where the fun begins: defining your values, strengths and superpowers.

Module 3: Creating Your Environment & Connecting with the Passionate People that Make Everything Possible. This module aims to help you surround yourself with passionate people and includes some of the lessons from Scott’s Connect with Anyone course.

Module 4: Cultivating Passion, Making your Discovery & the Birth of Mini-Experiments. Since the only way to really discover these things about yourself is to experiment, this module teaches you how. The 25 Sacred Questions activity is a huge part of this module.

Module 5: Turning Fear into Fuel. This module helps you reframe fear and failure as positives.

Module 6: Choosing a Passion & Deciding Which Dream to Live. By this point you should have a list to choose from, and this module helps you refine that list. It also the idea of working as an entrepreneur.

Module 7: Testing Reality & the Intersection of Passion and Profit. Learn how to monetize your passion, particularly through online offerings.

Module 8: Modeling the Impossible & Converting Your Passion into a Business. Bring everything together to create the actual career that will help you live off your passion.

Bonus Resource #1: How to Find Passion in the Corporate World. Not everyone wants to work for themselves, so this bonus module is designed for those who want to enjoy being employees. It also has material on outsourcing your life to create more time for your own “doing.”

Bonus Resource #2: The Ultimate Productivity Handbook. The handbook is made up of three reports that cover finding time within your schedule, techniques for focusing better and how to outsource tasks to others so you can focus on what matters.

There is also a fantastic collection of additional resources, including ebooks and audiobooks. Of particular interest to me were Leo Babauta’s book Focus and Jenny Blake’s Make Sh*t Happen: The Step by Step Guide to Achieving Your One Big Dream.
You will have lifetime access to the course materials, the private forum and the private Facebook group. The interactions on Facebook with current and previous participants were the most worthwhile as the forum was only just introduced, so it was relatively empty when I took the course.
The Best Part: The interviews were a great part of the course and break up the large amount of written material. They also introduced me to some people and websites I wasn’t aware of. The two interviews that resonated most with me were:

Jonathan Fields’ interview about dealing with fear and uncertainty

Pam Slim’s interview discussing side-hustles

What Would Make It Even Better: The content of the course is great, and all things being equal, anyone should be able to use it to discover their passion and work out how to live that passion.
However, I think that the course is a little too DIY; people require more support through this difficult process. While it should be noted that at times they offer an option to pay extra for a mentored program, I think that the course could include more encouragement from Scott or his team. It would be very helpful, particularly with an empty forum, if they were more active with prompts and questions focused on generating discussion, and putting people at ease about connecting.
Our Recommendation: If you are just starting your journey to find your passion and create a life centered around it, this might be the course for you.
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