Sean D’Souza – Brain Alchemy Masterclass

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 Sean D’Souza – Brain Alchemy Masterclass


Is there a way to make your company stand out in a noisy marketplace?

(Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re spending money and energy without ever really getting ahead? Doesn’t it drive you crazy that you seem to be working longer hours and there’s no relief in sight?)

Presenting the Brain Alchemy Masterclass Home Study Version

Yes, it’s true. The difference between you struggling in your business and zooming ahead is understanding the structure of business. Working hard is great, but it’s not the solution to your problems.

Let me tell you a story about me trying to get into my wife’s car
One day I was headed to yoga class and it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship with yoga. Some days I like it. Some days I get to the class kicking and screaming. And this was one of those ‘kicking and screaming days.’ I got to the garage and…my car battery was dead. My wife won’t take no for an answer and hands me her keys. So grudgingly I get into her car and drive off to yoga class. The class drags on for 90 minutes and I can’t wait to get home because we’re going out to dinner that night. And I stick the key in the car door and guess what?

The dumb door won’t open
I turn the key. Won’t budge. I try again and again and again. I try the other door. Two girls passing by suggest I try getting in through the boot. That won’t open too. It’s cold. It’s about to start raining. And it’s getting darker and colder by the minute. I give up. I call my wife to get a friend to pick me up. (My car’s battery is dead too, remember?) So there I am standing in the cold, twisting that key out of shape and cursing my luck.

And my eye catches this letter Z
And I follow the letter. It says ZC and the numbers that follow. As I read more I realise that my wife’s car is two cars down. Here I am trying to literally break into someone’s car, driving myself crazy and cursing my luck, when the correct car is just two cars away. I look at the car I’ve been struggling to get into. And the one I’m supposed to get into. And they look alike. Same colour. Same model. And in the dark, they pretty much look the same.

Are you getting into the wrong car?
You know how to drive. You have the key. You have the fuel. But you’re getting into the wrong car. And that’s why you’re driving yourself completely totally bonkers. You see, you don’t have to change a lot in your business. You just have to get the structure right. If you don’t get the structure right, you could be doing the very same business as someone else — and they’re raking it in, while you struggle.

Stop the struggle today
In fact, the fastest way for a person without a big bankroll to get rich is to understand the structure of business, and then turbo-charge your marketing. It’s the safest way to roll out an amazing business that works and works like you want it to. With a small budget and a limited test, you can find out what works — then roll it out in a massive way.

No matter what business you’re in — a structured marketing system is the best way to exponentially increase your sales .
Here’s why structure is so important

Picture this. You’re building a home and it’s your dream home. You put in some amazing furniture. You choose the colour for each room. You fuss over the soft lighting. Everything is perfect and the home looks like a million bucks. Till a storm comes along and whammo, down comes the structure. So what’s the use of a fancy-schmancy home if you don’t have a structure? Have you seen how businesses that struggle go through this yo-yo phase of too much or too little? It’s always feast or famine. That’s because these businesses don’t understand structure. And they struggle. And so will you. Unless you decide to fix the structure of your business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what product or service you have. If it is of good value to consumers, you’ll learn the exact strategies that will help you create the structure to drive customers to you… in droves!

Even better…
You’ll learn the key to leverage. How to roll out a system that you can use to make multiple streams of income. No, no…you don’t have to go out and buy real estate and shares. This is all in your brain. And you do it once — and get paid for it hundreds and thousands of times over. Then you leverage it several times over… and suddenly your income and your freedom is exponential.

The key to freedom is in the Home Study
When you get the Home Study you get the path. Not pieces of the puzzle. The whole puzzle with the complete picture. And you get all the pieces handed out to you. One by one. All you have to do is put the pieces into place. No creativity needed. No do-it -yourself. Just simple, structured instruction so you can roll out your marketing strategy like you paid a whole $25,000 or more for it.
brian tracy sales guru   “This power-packed program contains some of the best marketing and sales ideas ever discovered.”

Brian Tracy – Author, The Psychology of Selling. Brian has given more then 2,000 talks and seminars to over 3 million people, and has worked with more than 500 companies worldwide. Brian Tracy has produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance.

Call any marketing coach and find out what it would cost you…
If you hired a marketing coach, what you’ll get is someone in a suit who has done most of his/her reading from some books. Or someone who’s part of some multi-country franchise and doesn’t know marketing from a bar of soap. I kid you not. I’ve had people like this attend my training sessions before and they don’t know the first word in marketing. Yet they’ll slam you with a monthly invoice of $1500 – $2500 to ‘help’ you in your marketing.

About 6 months later, you’ll decide marketing doesn’t work…
About 12 months later, you’ll fire the coach. And you’ll have spent a big chunk of money for really mediocre advice. This is not counting all the advertising they’ll convince you to do. Or to spend money on brochures, direct mail and stuff that is so wrong that you might as well have never started at all.

You don’t have to struggle. You can get it right the first time
And it won’t cost a fortune either. You can get all of the intensive three day learning, strategies, discussions, hot- seats…plus the manual. And you get all of this on audio CD, so you can listen to it at home or in the car.


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