Silvia Hartmann – Project Sanctuary Hypnosis

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Silvia Hartmann – Project Sanctuary Hypnosis

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At the heart of the Far Journeys collection lies The Game In Space & Time, a full length Project Sanctuary exploration from the ground up, created by Dr Silvia Hartmann for personal use.

First, take part in a relaxing and enjoyable alignment process that gets you and your energy mind on the same page and then, prepare to be amazed as a Project Sanctuary habitat arises for you from pure potentiality.

Interact with the new environment, observe it first in safety, so that you understand what this is and what is happening here.

Take the time you need, and this is freely given during this full length induction, to interact with the habitat, to step into it and experience exactly what that is your energy mind needed you to understand on this occasion.

Finally, there is the conscious review – you can undertake the reflection on the lessons learned, new insights and experiences received in mind, or you can take down the messages during this time in writing, drawing, sound or word, to bring back what you have learned safely into the here and now.

Every time you undertake this journey, you will find different and unexpected results.

Every time you undertake this journey, it will be new.

And every time you undertake this journey, you will find that your experiences are becoming richer, clearer and still more profound.

Let YOUR energy mind stream essential information to your shared consciousness.
Relax and enjoy the amazing powers of your own mind to create realities.

Learn, understand, experience, gain wisdom.
Learn to think at a whole new level.
This is easy with Silvia Hartmann as your guide.

As well as this full length, central energy hypnosis induction, you will also find three further very specific journeys, each one approx. 25 minutes in length, which open up very different planes of existence each.


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