Simon – Emini Bonds

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Simon – Emini Bonds

Simon – Emini Bonds [10 videos (flv + mp4) + 2 documents (PDF) 4 audio files (wav) + Indicator(zip)]

I make a living day trading the U.S. Treasury 30-Year Bond futures on the futures market. I have had requests over the past few years from fellow traders and friends to share my methods – this website is the result!

I trade the 30-Year Bond futures for a daily income. What does that mean? Well, quite simply, I trade each day for a couple of ticks’ profit and then stop once I’ve achieved it. Trading for only a couple of ticks is quite conservative, but it’s all you need for a daily income. Day trading for a living is a great lifestyle!

My trading system is simple – it’s built around tick charts and standard technical indicators. Day trading, however, is not simple! If it was simple everyone would be doing it and making a killing in the market! A lot of traders fail because they don’t have the discipline, focus or confidence to follow a trading system. Because of this, trading is not for everyone. If, however, you have a good trading system and the discipline to follow it then you can become a successful trader.

What Does The E-mini Bonds System Do?

My system attempts to predict the next ‘micro-trend’ in the price of the 30-Year Bond future. I use these predictions to place trades, with the goal of making a 2-tick profit each day.

Staff note: There is one small zip file that is the indicator. File must remain in this format in order to be able to be imported into NinjaTrader.


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