Stephen Gilligan 2017 Guided Trance Package

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 Stephen Gilligan 2017 Guided Trance Package


About Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.

Stephen Gilligan Ph.D., is a Psychologist in Encinitas, CA.

He was one of the original NLP students at UC Santa Cruz; Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson were his mentors. After receiving his psychology doctorate from Stanford University, he became one of the premier teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. This work unfolded into his original approaches of Self-Relations and Generative Self, and then further (in collaboration with Robert Dilts) into Generative Coaching. These different traditions have all been updated and integrated into the present Generative Change Work, which includes the applications of Generative Coaching, Generative Psychotherapy, Generative Trance, Hero’s Journey, and Systemic Change work.

He has taught in many different cultures and countries over the past 30 years, and has published extensively. His numerous books include The Hero’s Journey: A Voyage of Self Discovery (co-authored with Robert Dilts), the classic Therapeutic Trances, The Courage to Love, The legacy of Erickson, Walking in Two Worlds (with D. Simon), and Generative Trance: The Experience of Creative Flow. His forthcoming book is Generative Coaching (co-authored with Robert Dilts).

2017 Guided Trance Package (

Package of All 15 Guided Trances including the new versions taken from 2017’s San Diego Trance Camp

Celtic Cross (27 min.) 2015

Hand Levitation (23 min.) 2015

Om Mani Padmi Hum (25 min.) 2015

Opening The Mindfulness Fields (Long Version)(30 min.) 2015

Opening the Mindfulness Fields (Short Version) (14:11 min) 2107

Opening The Vertical Channel (17 min.) 2015

Self Hypnosis Through Self Awareness Statements (Long Version) (23 min.) 2015

Self Hypnosis Through Self-Awareness Statements (Short Version) (16.52 min) 2017

Standing Trance – Twirling into a Positive Future (37 min.) 2015

The Energy Ball Technique (26 min.) 2015

The Mandala of Self – Opening Attunement (19 min.) 2015

The Mind is Not My Mind, the Body is Not My Body (30.00 min) 2105

The Three Point Attention Technique Version 1 (24.00 min) 2015

The Three Point Attention Technique Version 2  (17.39 min) 2017

Joining with another person’s emotional center (23.01 min) 2017


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