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Steve G. Jones – TaoBuzz

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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I was first introduced to the study of this ancient body of knowledge which began in China many years ago in the 1980’s in the form of Tao Te Ching, as I Ching, which were both books about the concept of chance in Taosim.

Now, over 20 years later, I am happy to bring to you everything that I have discovered through my powerful new program called TaoBuzz.

The TaoBuzz program consists of FOUR full-length downloadable audio modules designed to take you from a novice to a Tao-specialist in as little time as possible. Understanding that the more you follow the methods and procedures outlined in the program the more benefits you will gain from the program.

The TaoBuzz program instantly starts you on the path of inner peace, confidence and an increase sense of awareness of the world around you. As you follow these modules you will feel happier simply knowing you are taking action to improve your life.

Here is a brief review of what’s inside:

TaoBuzz Module 1
In this module we will cover the art of silence, its significance along with understanding the Tao and how each of these words correlates to it: Immediate, Open, Constancy, and Window.

TaoBuzz Module 2
In this module we will cover the art of strategy, its importance in understanding the Tao and the role of each of these words: Martial, Conflict, Strategy, and Behind.

TaoBuzz Module 3
In this module we will cover the art of teaching, the role it plays in understanding the Tao and how each of these words relates: Ask, Master, Crazy, and Good.

TaoBuzz Module 4
In this module we will cover knowing one’s self, why this is a crucial step in understanding the Tao and the relationship that each of these words has to this topic: Oneself, Person, Heart, and Body.

Once you begin to unleash the many benefits drawn from living a life with Tao you wonder how you ever survived without it.

It’s a philosophy and lifestyle that gains more and more followers by the day. And, it’s not some funky religious fol


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