Steven Jay Lynn -Modern hypnosis

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Steven Jay Lynn
Modern hypnosis

Written by master therapists and educators Steven Jay Lynn , it bridges the research-practice gap, bringing hypnosis into mainstream evidence-based clinical psychotherapy. \ illustrative case examples, and step-by-step procedures, this volume explores the benefits of incorporating hypnotic methods into treatment plans for such common disorders and conditions as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, pain and medical conditions, smoking, and eating disorders.

It is appealing to a broad range of practitioners and students, including psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, and dentists. Helps novices get started with basic inductions and suggestive methods, describing when and when not to use hypnotic procedures. More advanced techniques are also covered, along with various theoretical perspectives on hypnosis,and unflinching discussions of thorny issues including the use of hypnosis for memory recovery.


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