Subliminal Club – The Ecstasy of Gold

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Subliminal Club – The Ecstasy of Gold

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The time for wealth and freedom has come. Welcome to the Ecstasy of Gold, Subliminal Club’s second multi-stage title. To develop Ecstasy of Gold, we interviewed and consulted with fifteen millionaires each with different backgrounds. Some built their financial empires from scratch, others were born into money, but achieved amazing things. We did this so we’d get an ENTIRE 360 view of wealth acquisition.

With Ecstasy of Gold, your life will have no bounds on wealth. Fully focused on wealth, money, financial opportunity and productivity, this is what you have been waiting for to catapult your life into complete boundless abundance and freedom. Ecstasy of Gold consists of four different, full featured subliminals that lead to a common goal — your financial freedom. Utilizing the combination of our powerful, proprietary New Dawn platform (enhanced with the latest technologies from Khan), you will experience:

ST 1 – Ecstasy of Freedom

The stage that will release all beliefs that hold your wealth-creating potential back. No more will you be held back by beliefs of your family, friends, society or your self-doubting voice that tell you that lacking and poverty is the only way of life – you will experience true freedom, and the ecstasy that comes from experiencing it and the wealth coming with it. Negative manifestations that you might have been manifesting subconsciously will be removed, as well as any negative beliefs you might have picked up from any other source, be it a less than proper subliminal or simply living your normal day-to-day life and being told that poverty is your only option.

Your mind will open, your horizons will widen, your creativity will be unleashed, detrimental thinking patterns affecting your abundance and productivity will be easily removed, allowing you to glide freely and easily towards your limitless, endless, complete financial abundance. Take a moment to relax and to simply imagine how it would feel to be able to buy anything at any time, be it a car, an apartment or a vacation, without even having to look at your balance.

That is the Ecstasy of Freedom.

ST 2 – Ecstasy of Life

The second stage of Ecstasy of Gold is focused on getting you learned and ready to take on all the challenges that you will face on your road to riches. This subliminal will guide you to the skills and knowledge you will need to make the most wealth in your life. It will help you find the areas that you will excel at over all others, and that will make you the happiest you can be.

It will be your guide and your coach, helping you learn all the secrets of the trade that you will find or have already found, and it will supply you with endless motivation to acquire this knowledge, as well as pushing you to already start building your wealth.

With ST2, you will not have to fear the dreaded question of “what do I want to do in my life,” as Ecstasy of Life will help you dig deep into yourself and find your truest purpose that will bring you the riches you desire. With Ecstasy of Life, your path through life will be illuminated, you will be quickly equipped with all the knowledge and skills you will need, and you will have absolute determination to walk the path you see before you.

Again, take a moment and imagine how it would feel to never to second-guess yourself on your journey, how it would feel to know exactly what you want in life, to have that inner knowing and step with absolute confidence on your path, and be absolutely sure you will achieve the abundance you so desire.

That is the Ecstasy of Life.

ST 3 – Ecstasy of Actualization

This is the stage of perpetually increasing abundance — greater and greater manifestation of wealth, including opportunities, situations and people that will lead you to more and more riches, coupled with ever increasing productivity, focus and concentration.

After completely freeing yourself in ST1 and becoming fully ready and confident in knowing your path through ST2, ST3 will be the stage where the engine revs up to full power, with extremely powerful manifestations and unbreakable concentration, productivity and desire. On ST3, you will exponentially become more and more wealthy and focused on your path. Your desire for riches will be fully actualized and turned into a powerful fire that will propel you on your journey of abundance.

Simply imagine what you could accomplish if you were concentrated on your desires completely with every waking moment of the day, if people were begging you to give you opportunities to make more and more money, if all the doors and opportunities of life were wide open for you.

That is the Ecstasy of Actualization.

ST 4 – Ecstasy of Gold Complete

The final stage. Complete is a combination of the first three stages with no healing — only a heavy focus on taking action and generating wealth. This massive stage will help you reach the pinnacle of wealth and abundance.

Exponential wealth, endless opportunities, a fully developed and creative mind, knowing exactly what you want in life and how to achieve it… all of this is possible with Complete. Completely focused on wealth, you will be unable to ever again think of yourself as someone who is poor or unable to succeed, and you will start developing the mindset of a millionaire.

With ST4, you will be able to experience and live life in complete abundance. You will be able to release your full potential for endless wealth.

You will be able to experience the Ecstasy of Gold.


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