Subliminal Shop – Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set Version 5.0 Original

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 Subliminal Shop – Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set Version 5.0 Original

(4G – Type B/C/D Hybrid – Ultrasonic/Masked Dual Format)

7 CDs – 21 MP3s

This is the long awaited Version 5.0 of the Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training set, the six stage set of subliminal training programs for the man who wants to become dominant, command respect, become a better person, make himself healthier emotionally, and attract the attention and interest of the ladies, all without struggling to do so!

Specifically, this program is designed to give any man who uses it the self image, self esteem and self respect of a dominant male, while simultaneously bringing his attitude, thinking, body language, responses and actions around to match. When you have finished using this incredible program, you will:

Have let go of any negative self image, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs about yourself.
Have a powerful, positive sense of self respect, self esteem, self image and self worth.
Have unshakable self confidence.
Be unaffected by rejection.
Treat women as people to enjoy the company of, without taking them too seriously, needing them, or being easily upset by them.
Have released expectations towards women, which often lead to bad choices, actions, attitudes, thinking and responses.
Be self sufficient and self reliant mentally, emotionally and otherwise.
No longer be, or come across to others as “needy”.
Take good care of yourself, your hygeine and your appearance, not just because you want to be attractive to beautiful women, but because it makes you feel good about yourself.
Be able to effortlessly approach any woman you want – and the more attractive you find her, the easier it will be.
Be selective about whom you spend your time with, and which women you give your time, interest and affections to.
Exude an aura of confidence, commanding presence and authority, whicht gets you respect, attention and obedience.
Exude an aura of sexiness that makes you much more attractive to the beautiful women you encounter.  The more beautiful they are, the more attracted and interested they will be.
Have a Zen attitude, which keeps you calm when other guys would lose control, thus demonstrating your self control and mastery of the situation – an Alpha/dominant male trait.
Display graceful, confident body language, which broadcasts your power and dominance to all, but especially females (for whom body language is a very important way of communicating, and thus determining the men they are interested in).
Display the attitude, thinking, actions and speech patterns of an Alpha/Dominant Male.
No longer seek approval from others, nor be concerned with what they think of you or what you do or say.
Be your own man, who does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, where he wants.
Be in control when dealing with women, and especially beautiful women or women you are interested in.
Be entirely unconcerned about “getting the girl” or achieving sexual interaction, which will make the ladies percieve you as higher status, higher value, and more worthy of both.
Be easily able and willing to walk away from people and situations you don”t like, and TELL HER NO – whether it”s to her asking for sex or anything else.
Be in complete control of yourself and your environment, and YOU will be the one who controls when, how, and with whom you have sex.
Develop and display a fantastic sense of humor, which will make you socially popular and attractive to others, especially beautiful women.
Be entirely comfortable in social situations of any type, whether they are familiar to you or not.
And do it all while being polite and graceful!

New inclusions for Version 5.0:

• Acceptance of, and feelings of deservedness of, being treated well

• Deserving respect from others

• Self love and liking yourself

• Valuing yourself

• Extended ego balancing

• Strong, centered masculinity and masculine presence

• Destruction of negativity within you concerning yourself and others, and replacement with positivity

• Self acceptance with continual striving to be better than you are

• Destruction of laziness

• Motivation boost

• Doing what needs to be done, because it needs to be done, and that is the way of the Alpha

• Extroversion enhancement and training

• Self forgiveness

• Social stability, skill and strength

• Overcome abandonment issues

• Success training

• Gratitude

• Self trust

• Self image of man, instead of boy

• Leadership training and development

• Decisiveness training

• Authenticity and congruency training

• Destruction of jealousy and possessiveness, and replacement with self security, self reliance and self satisfaction

• Constant self growth and progress

• And more!


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