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Maximum Learning Speed
Maximum Learning Speed 5G is the 4th release of this title.  In the 5th Gen format, the script has been largely redesigned with the latest build techniques and technologies in mind.  It includes:

The Naturalizer: Allows the changes taking place to be accepted much more readily, and proceed naturally so that the change is as easy as possible.
HST: HyperSpeed Technology. Vastly increases the speed and efficiency of information processing of subliminal input.
SOS: Self-Optimizing scripting. Allows HST to instantly, constantly and automatically adjust itself to the brain state of the listener, so HST is always tuned for perfect performance, even if multiple people are being exposed simultaneously.
OE: The Optimus Engine [Version 2.1]. A specialized script and technology set that generates an intense focus on achieving the goal and finding creative and effective ways to do so that utilizes the full scope of your subconscious knowledge.
MaxSpeed: Allows certain types of programs to produce results in between 4 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the specific goal, person and type of goal.
State Shifting: Changes the state of your awareness to better fit the achievement of the goal of the program.

This program is much more advanced than it’s predecessor in several ways:

It is designed to use two different forms of state shifting technology.  The first is In-The-Moment state shifting (while the program is actually playing). This makes it useful for playing the subliminal while studying.
The second form of state shifting is Triggered State Shifting, which takes effect once the program has been used sufficiently for long term programming  This causes the mind to automatically shift state into the “learning flow” state or the “recall flow” state, depending on which activity is being performed, whenever the user is engaged in learning or recall, including classes, tests, exams, etc. This effect requires that long term use and periodic refreshing are used.
The Optimus Engine 2.1 allows you to adjust your approach to learning or recall to best suit your learning/recall needs and style and the specific situation in which you are performing these activities.
Helps short, medium and long term memory recall access become optimized for speed and ease.
Designed for learning speed to not just be maximized, but optimized.
Internal ramrods have been redesigned and extensively enhanced and optimized to allow for a more efficient subliminal.
Helps dissolve fear of learning, recall and/or recall-dependent situations (tests, etc.), and helps replace it with enjoyment in learning and demonstrating what has been learned.
Helps any fear, guilt or shame that might impede learning and recall be neutralized.
Learning and recall is enhanced and made easier and faster.
Helps with triggering conscious and subconscious allowance of and enabling of learning and recall.
Enhances and improves motivation and desire to learn.
Recall of memories from all five senses, plus emotional experiences, is enhanced.
Learning speed/ease enhancements are not limited to academic learning; they should apply equally well to any form of learning or activity being done for learning purposes (reading, learning some series of movements, learning any skill, etc.)
Memory development allows and helps you to improve your memory and recall while using this program.
Helps memory accuracy be enhanced and improved.
Auto-training is designed for triggering the conscious and subconscious minds to train themselves to learn and remember at maximum speed and efficiency.
Helps dissolve faulty beliefs that disrupt or prevent ease of learning and recall, and learning at maximum speed.
Helps the user to focus fully on learning while they are consciously and intentionally trying to learn, thus helping to overcome distractions.
Learning productivity enhancement helps make time spent learning more productive.
Helps to enable and enhances success with learning, learning at maximum speed, and recall of what has been learned.
Learning motivation is designed to enhance the motivation to learn, and builds on the previous learning motivation module in a different way.
Helps increase one’s ability to learn and remember.
Helps increases one’s ability to understand and comprehend what is being studied and learned.
Helps make learning fun and enjoyable, and directs the user to find ways to make that happen.
Designed to enhance the desire to learn again based on enjoyment of the learning experience.

This program represents a well rounded approach to learning and recall that maximizes learning speed, but does a great deal more in an effort to make achieving the goal a much more successful endeavor as well.  This program is a must-have for students of all ages, to be sure, but is useful for anyone who wants to make learning faster, easier and more enjoyable.

MLS 5G is designed for use while studying, sleeping, or performing almost any other activity, but this program does use state shifting technology aimed at achieving a flow state for learning and should therefore not be played while you are driving, operating heavy machinery or doing anything requiring concentration.

The script of this program is not available for public view because it contains trade secrets.

While this program is designed for generating an enhanced state of awareness for learning purposes in the moment through short term use, it is not designed for use with any other program and especially not another 5G program.  Do not use it with any other subliminal program or mind programming method or technique.

This program is intended for long term usage plus refreshing.  It is intended for use 3 months minimum, 8 hours a day minimum, with 6 months and 12+ hours a day being optimal.  Refresh as needed with 2-4 weeks of use.

Because this program uses In-The-Moment state shifting, it is potentially possible (although very unlikely) that it may disrupt sleep or make it more time consuming to fall asleep, especially after studying or learning something, if you attempt to use it while sleeping or falling asleep.  If that happens, simply use it during the day instead, and avoid use within 1 hour of trying to fall asleep.

This program is designed for safe use by persons of any age.  However, if this program is used by a child under the age of 18, it is your responsibility to monitor the child’s activities and how they respond to the program and adjust it’s usage as necessary.  Do not use or allow children to use or be exposed to this program without adult supervision. Naturally, if you are a legal adult, you can supervise yourself.



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