Subliminal Shop – Self Esteem 5.5G

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Subliminal Shop – Self Esteem 5.5G

Self Esteem 5.5G is designed to be a powerful driver toward building self esteem for the user.  It first defines self esteem and then aims at getting the person to develop and enhance their self esteem.

This program defines self esteem as:

my positive respect for myself, my positive impression of myself, how and how much I now positively value myself, the genuine positive pride I now have in myself, the positive ways I now feel about myself, and how positively confident I now am in all of these things


Use this program six (6) loops per day, back to back.  This will be most easily done while sleeping.  It should be used every day for three (3) months.

This program is designed such that it should be safe to use for any age.  When exposing very young children, be extremely careful to use moderate to low volumes when using any format that includes an ultrasonic component, to help protect the child’s hearing.


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