Subliminal Shop – Sex Magnet 2.0

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Subliminal Shop – Sex Magnet 2.0

21 MP3s – 1 PDF

Sex Magnet is sp ecically designed to b e used after you h ave used all six
stages of the latest versi on of the Alpha Male Subliminal Trainin g Set, and
within 6 months of having nished that program.

While you may get results
using this program without b enet of usin g the Alpha Male Training Set rst,
you will b e losing out on a lot of imp ortant base-line found ati on building and
attitude/p erception adjustment and their results by doing so. It is strongly
suggested and recommended to you that you use all six stages of the Alpha
Male Subliminal Trainin g S et b efore you use this p rogram.

So far, I have
seen a lot of men try to skip i t, an d not a one has nished this program
b efore deciding that they think it is wiser to go back and do things the way
I instruct them to. The fact is, I cannot do everything in one program, so
please follow instructions on this p oint, and nish AM b efore using SM. Also,
if it has b een more than 6 months since you did AM, you will want to at
least do a refresher of that program for 32 to 96 days.

If you are in a committed relationship and you do not wish to
attract and have sex with multiple women other than your current
partner, DO NOT use this program!


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