Talmadge Harper – 12 week Art of the Telepathic Healing Orgasm

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 Talmadge Harper – 12 week Art of the Telepathic Healing Orgasm

You’re bored, so you think about this incredibly attractive person you know. You decide to sit back in your favorite chair and focus on that special person experiencing the most powerful orgasm ever…spontaneously…instantly. You feel yourself go into the altered state you’ve conditioned yourself to experience, for when you want to send someone a telepathic orgasm. Thirty Minutes later you get a phone call from this person telling you they just experienced the most spontaneous, explosive orgasm ever…and they want you to know how that was possible. I have spent over 20 years of my life perfecting and practicing research to create my own methods for telepathic Orgasms. For years people have been requesting this course and I have been putting it off because its alot of effort on my time. Then I realized I’m going about this all wrong. Its fun, so lets make it “fun”. I’ve decided to create a short 12 week course for those who want to have fun with learning more techniques on telepathic orgasms. I’m doing this for two reasons, the first is that , its a hell of a lot of fun. Secondly, once you learn how to do this, its just a small modification you can make to telepathically heal people. So its a win/win. You learn how to give the gift of the telepathic O, have fun doing it, and lay the foundation work for healing if you want to help people in the future. Also you have to admit, its fun for me to teach this and demonstrating on various women. MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PURCHASE
What is included in the download?
You will get access to an online account on where you will get weekly lectures and manuals on telepathic orgasms and how to do this. In addition because I know man you are not awake “psychically speaking”, I will be providing one quantum healing session to awaken your psychic abilities.
Classes start 6/2/2017
All that is required is a fun and patient attitude
You can sign up at any time before or after the classes and still have access to the downloads
All classes are downloads and the course will run 12 weeks
You will also get mp3s to help stimulate your psychic abilitiy

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Just listen and learn weekly as you go along. Remember to email me, skype me or call me if you have questions, What makes this course different is that you have me as your personal mentor.

What is the expected outcome?
Within one month you will be giving your partner, or random strangers orgasms and erotic experiences beyond their wildest dreams using the power of telepathic hypnosis. This means you don’t even need to be in the same room with them.

The following are samples from the course to give you an idea of what you will learn:

What commitment do you have to make?
Enjoy the weekly lectures and skype me, email me or call me if you have a question.

What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Every customer gets life time email consultation just send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.

What kind of money back guarantee do I get?
Because of the nature of the material, there are no refunds. I am providing you with a quantum healing session and my unique recipe for making this work.
Its far too valuable for me to refund once you get what you want to know. My time and the information are too valuable to offer a refund for this specific information. Those of
you who have seen my website know I am the real deal and I know what I’m talking about.
The information works if you use it and ask me questions. I can’t help you if you just leave it on your computer or if you don’t follow my guidance .