Talmadge Harper – Art of Manifesting Lecture 6 – Augmenting with Orgonite and Student QA

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Talmadge Harper
 Art of Manifesting Lecture 6
 Augmenting with Orgonite and Student QA

Art of Manifesting Class 6

How to improve one’s manifestation ability by using orgonite

Student Question and Answer

Weekly lectures, videos and consultations over a period of 3 months. Talmadge Harper will show you his way of manifesting. Tools such as NLP, subliminal programming and the Art of Manifesting itself will be covered. All of these combine to give you a formula that actually works and isn’t crap.

What’s the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Listen to the lectures. Read the Pdf.

What is the expected outcome?
You will manifest your stated goal within 3 months of taking this course. Peopel are encouraged to go for big things like 50k dollars, new cars, etc.

What commitment do you have to make?
Take only your desire to listen and give what you learn a chance with an open mind.