Terry Dean, Glenn Livingston – The Alpha Wolf Pack

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Terry Dean, Glenn Livingston – The Alpha Wolf Pack

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A WEEKLY Business Breakthrough Webinar (“The Hunt”) – In this webinar Glenn, Yoav and I help up to three Alpha Wolf Entrepreneurs achieve a business breakthrough. Either by formulating a specific step by step plan that outlines the fastest way to achieve their business goals, or by tackling their biggest marketing/business challenge and coming up with a solution. To be selected, you’ll just submit a short form with a few details about your business, goals, and resources. You can make repeated submissions to The Hunt after executing the changes we recommended, and in this way get our ongoing, direct personal feedback.We prioritize Alpha Wolf Members primarily based on the date they joined the Pack. So if you’d like to ensure getting a spot as quickly as possible you should join the group ASAP. (All members may participate in The Hunt to ask questions and submit their observations…but there are only three hot-seats each week)

Second Weekly Q&A Webinar (“The Gathering”): This webinar will be conducted either by one of us (Yoav, Glenn or Myself) or one of our resident experts. The Gathering is where you get help with your day to day marketing and business challenges. And unlike the Business Breakthrough Webinar (The Hunt), at The Gathering there are NO hot seats and NO limits on how many people can present. Come discuss anything from writing ad copy, feedback on your offers, research, leadership, and product development issues—or even questions about the best shopping cart and/or landing page tools. ANYTHING you need help with in your business is fair game.


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