TNT – 21 Days Challenge

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TNT – 21 Days Challenge


Have you ever tried to stay sexually active for 21 days – without the regular orgasm? The feeling of innocence and playfulness,  being fully energised,  horny, creative, clear minded and happy comes back after about 17 days of orgasm hangover!

Test for yourself if studies are right about  the >2week orgasm hangover.
If you are curious to experience what your life and sex-life would be like without the orgasm hangover, and ready to take that first step towards the 6 other blissful tantric orgasms you can access without male ejaculation or the short female spasm orgasm, join the 21 day challenge – it’s for free!

You have nothing to lose, other than giving up your regular “basic sex” experience for something more exciting, stimulating and energizing. You will receive free daily support videos by e-mail. Each video supports you completing this difficult challenge and explains to you what effects you will meet on that specific day.


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