Todd Stevens – Erotic Hypnosis – From Ahh to Ohh

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Todd Stevens – Erotic Hypnosis
From Ahh to Ohh

This course is the result of me taking my years of erotic hypnosis experience and distilling it down into short, simple lessons where you learn how to enhance your intimate connections and bring more pleasure into your life.

I’ve been doing hypnosis for over 8 years.  Most of it has been erotic hypnosis, which is just the idea of using trance to create sensual, intimate, or erotic experiences.  The great thing about trance is that it allows you to focus on what is happening – NOW.  This creates a sensual immersion where you have an experience that is genuine and encompassing. Pleasure, joy, intimacy, and so many other possibilities are all within easy reach.

You might wonder – is this complicated? Hypnosis is actually very simple.  It is incredibly easy to learn when its broken down into clear, concise steps where you get to digest one thing at a time.  Then go try it out and have fun with it.  After you realize that its not a gigantic, complicated process you will be that much more excited to get to the next step.

I know – for many, hypnosis seems scary.  And those erotic hypnotists are all creepy.  I face the challenge of these ideas all the time.  Hypnosis is no longer scary once you realize that its just a method for guiding someone into the state of mind called trance.  And everyone goes into trance. Often. Multiple times each day (you’ll learn all about this in the videos).  And after you know its not really a scary, you will also be able to imagine that all hypnotists are not creepy.  Yes – there are plenty of them out there.  But go ahead and check this video out.  See how much fun I am having with my demo girl, Amy. Well… that’s not creepy either.

So go ahead and watch the video.  I not only talk about the course, but I demonstrate some of the things you will learn. And… make sure to watch it the whole way through.  There’s a surprise ending!


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