Tom Beal – 12 Week Mastery

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 Tom Beal – 12 Week Mastery

Videos(Mp4) + Worksheets(PDF)

You Get The ENTIRE Online Program:
The 12 Week Mastery Execution Toolkit
The 12 Week Mastery Daily Implementation Series With Brian Moran
2 Week Mastery Weekly On-Track Coaching with Brian, Michael, and me
The 12 Week Mastery “Motivation Alliance”
The 12 Week Mastery “Achievement Challenge”
Two tickets to 12 Week Mastery Live in West Palm Beach, Florida
PLUS 2-Day In-Person Hands On Intensive

This is your chance to stop struggling with procrastination… stop losing focus… and stop getting side-tracked on the path to your most meaningful goals.

Because with 12 Week Mastery you’re getting the only Performance & Execution System that equips you with the system, tools, and support to make your top 4 most desirable goals a reality in the next 12 weeks.

And you’ll be doing it side-by-side with Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, the creators of Achievement Periodization and the 12 Week Year.

With 12 Week Mastery, what you’re getting is
the same system and tools companies like
Dunkin’ Brands, Tiffany Co., and Papa John’s Pizza, and others…
have paid millions of dollars to get and use for their people.

But enrollment is only going to be open for a very short time.

So, if you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels… stop losing focus… and stop making little if any real progress toward the life and goals you want for yourself…

* Steve Jobs said, “To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”

* Chris Sacca, General Counsel at Google, says, “Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.”

* Richard M. Kovacevich says, “A vision and strategy aren’t enough. The long-term key to success is execution. Each day. Every day.”

* Former NFL Coach, Tony Dungy, says, “No excuses. No explanations. You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.”

* Bo Sanchez says, “Education without execution is extinction.”

* Denis Waitley, best-selling author, says, “Tomorrow’s leaders not only have dreams, goals and plans. They take charge of executing their plan.” – Denis Waitley

* Even Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

The 12 Week Mastery JumpStart Bundle (the 4 start-up videos with handouts)
Here’s where you get a rapid introduction to “achievement periodization” and the 12 Week Mastery Method.

You’ll learn the secret to identifying and honing the perfect 12 week vision.

You’ll learn the keys to putting together an ambitious and exciting 12 Week Gameplan that leads you directly to your goals.

You’ll learn exactly how to use your Weekly Execution Plan to ensure you’re taking the right goal-achieving actions every day.

You’ll learn how to score your execution each week using the 12 Week Mastery Scoring Grid to get constant feedback on your plan and your performance. And, more!

With The 12 Week Mastery JumpStart Bundle you’ll be fully prepared for your first 12 week period of amazing progress

The 12 Week Mastery Execution Toolkit (the 2 worksheets)
Inside your toolkit you’ll find printable copies of all of the tools you’ll be using as you plan, execute, and achieve your goals over the next 12 weeks.

You’ll start by filling-in your 12 Week Execution Gameplan. This is the main blueprint that guides your weekly and daily actions over the next 12 weeks of accomplishment.

Each week, you’ll then transfer the appropriate actions onto one of the 12 Weekly Execution Plans you get in your toolkit. You’ll follow that plan for the week which ensures you’re taking the important goal-achieving actions.

Then, at the start of each subsequent week, you’ll take out one of the 12 Weekly Execution Scorecards and give yourself a score based on the 12 Week Mastery Scoring Grid.

The 12 Week Mastery Daily Implementation Series With Brian P. Moran (the core, on-going product)
Here’s where you get daily motivation, encouragement, and hand-holding straight from the master himself.

Every day over the course of the next 12 weeks, for the next 86 days, you’ll get a 2-5 minute video from Brian, that keeps you focused and on-track executing on your Execution Plan. Each video is designed to help you keep your eye on the prize executing like a champ.

And if you’re someone who struggles to stay-on-course when plagued by lots of distractions, these daily videos are a godsend for you. Because they protect you from the pull of outside forces vying for your attention. And they help to ensure you stay focused on the important actions that bring you closer to attaining your goals.

12 Week Mastery Weekly On-Track Coaching With Brian, Michael, & Tom
Each week for the next 12 weeks, you’re invited to a closed-door, private group session with Brian and Michael, as they answer your questions, ensure you’re on the right course, and train you on the finer points of 12 Week Mastery.

That’s over 12 hours of coaching and group consulting.

With your Weekly On-Track Coaching, any time you have a question about your Execution Game-plan, dealing with a scheduling issue, scoring your execution, accomplishing your weekly actions, overcoming resistance, or any other aspect of 12 Week Mastery, you’re never more than a few days away from getting the guidance and direction you need from Brian, Michael, or Tom.

The 12 Week Mastery “Motivation Alliance” (forum)
Here’s where you get the support of an entire private community of like-minded individuals just like you… who are all on the same 12 week journey.

You’ll be encouraged and motivated as you hear success stories and swap insights and feedback with other fellow 12 week’ers.

You’ll learn how others are best overcoming distractions and schedule-related curve balls. You’ll get planning feedback and execution tips.

And, who knows… you may even develop some healthy, new friendships with other high-achievers in the community.


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