Tony Robbins – Get The Edge

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Tony Robbins – Get The Edge

17 CD – 130 MP3

magine all the things you could make happen in your career, relationships, body, finances, and emotions
if you were just able to tap into the strength and skills that are already within you, just waiting to be unleashed?

What would happen if you unlocked your own edge?

The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now is a powerful multimedia program that will help you build the momentum you need in order to create explosive, lasting change in the areas of your life that matter most.

-Overcome limiting beliefs to realize your full potential

-Infuse your daily life with passion and energy

-Expand your career options exponentially

-Cultivate deep and lasting relationships

-Make more time for what you love most


The Get the Edge program has 10 cds, even though it is a 7 day program.

It also comes with  a combined workbook/journal for this program and the Personal Power set.

Personal Power  comes with 7 cds, and is also a 7 day program.



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