Travis Decker – The Power of Appreciation

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Travis Decker – The Power of Appreciation

How most guys are strangers to their own emotions, and therefore canA ‘ t relate to a womanA ‘ s emotions.

Discover how to open up to your OWN emotions, and watch your connections with women deepen, immediately.
How to use our 4-step structure of integrating ANY Inner Game Breakthrough.
How to build IRON-CLAD trust and connection. This will impact everything from your A ‘ A”cold approachA ‘ A to your long-term relationships.
What sexy, smart, passionate women have to say about how to create not just interest, not just attraction, but lust in a woman through your connection. (Discover the 2 key ingredients)
The critical distinction that will ensure that you NEVER are at a loss of words. Say goodbye to awkward silencesA ‘ A forever.
How to be able to tell women deep truths about herself that she may have never seen. A ‘ A”Oh my God, itA ‘ s like he saw right into me!A ‘ A See it demonstrated.
How DeckerA ‘ s sex life skyrocketed when he realized how to invite a woman deeper into her own emotional experience. Plus, learn the quality of A ‘ A”BeingA ‘ A that will have you creating these experiences for yourself.
How to speak your intuitions about her in the moment with artistry and clarity that has her immediately open up to you.
How to stay grounded and centered in the face of her full range of emotional expression — rage, sadness, despair, ecstasy…

and enjoy the exhilaration of being with a truly surrendered feminine woman.
The AMP A ‘ A”frameA ‘ A GameA ‘ A a step-by-step method that you can use on dates or in your interactions with women that

will deepen and intensify connection, immediately. Use it any time you want to take things up a notch or twoA ‘ A or five.
How to cultivate A ‘ A”hyper-awarenessA ‘ A with women and create a bubble of intimacy around the two of you.
What it really means to have your A ‘ A”heart openA ‘ A in a way that actually deepens and strengthens your masculine Presence, power and core.
How to create a tangible circuit of connection with a woman that literally A ‘ A”electrifiesA ‘ A the interaction.
How you can embrace FEELING your attraction and WANTING a woman, without being ATTACHED to GETTING her. This is critical if youA ‘ ve ever felt “needy”.
How to let yourself be emotionally impactedA ‘ A without A ‘ A”Losing Yourself.A ‘ A When you get this down, youA ‘ ll be able to create the kinds of experiences that women will remember for months, if not yearsA ‘ A
A powerful exercise for getting A ‘ A”out of your headA ‘ A and into your body (which is where connection happens!)
The method for accessing A ‘ A”Soul VisionA ‘ A A ‘ Being in this state with a woman can have you stand out like a gleaming gem in a box full of coal.
How to avoid A ‘ A”Captive AudienceA ‘ A A ‘ One of the biggest and most common roadblocks for connection with women (Decker cringes when guys do this!)
How to clear shame and neediness and learn to enjoy all aspects of your relating with women, independent of the actual circumstances. Far more than just a A ‘ A”nice ideaA ‘ A , we instruct you on exactly how to do this.
The A ‘ A”Choices gameA ‘ A A ‘ childlike in its simplicity and purityA ‘ A yet draws out some of the richest interactions you could imagine.
See five men go through the gauntlet of interacting with our female AMP coaches and see for yourself exactly how deep connection is created (and killed).