Victoria Gallagher – Couples Hypnosis

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Victoria Gallagher – Couples Hypnosis

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Are you Tired of Relationship Advise that doesn’t ever seem work?
Want to put an end to your Relationship Issues once and for all?

Would you like to have a Healthy Relationship?

Introducing Couples Hypnosis – Tools for a Loving Relationship

It takes so much time to find the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You put so much time and energy into meeting that special person, moving through all those stages of the relationship, and planning your life together.

You’ve gone through major life events together. You made promises to each other.

Somewhere along the line, something went wrong and now you can’t figure out how to turn things around. You probably wonder if there is hope that you’ll ever be happy together again, like you once were.

Whether you’ll admit it or not, your relationship is most likely the most important thing in your life.

Listen to me. I have been there. I have felt hopeless in my relationship before. But, I have learned so much about relationships over the years and I have discovered some secrets that have helped me in my relationship. I feel confident that they will help your relationship too.

These eight hypnosis sessions will change your relationship at the core. Even if you are the only one to want to save your relationship, it will work for you. You can improve your relationship as you listen to these eight hypnosis sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Here are the eight hypnosis sessions you will listen to and get the healthy relationship you want.

Recapturing Positive Feelings

In this hypnosis session, you will go back in time and remember all the wonderful feelings that were there in the beginning of your relationship and remember why it is that you wanted to be together in the first place. You will remember and feel all the things that you noticed about your partner that made you fall in love in the first place.

Sending Love Energy

You will create the experience of giving and receiving love energy between you and your partner. You will use the positive feelings that were created in the first session and increase that emotional energy. Learn how your thoughts can influence the energy of your partner.

Expressing Gratitude

In this session you will express your gratitude to your partner for the things you see in them that they are doing right. You will start with just some basic things in yourself in your own life you feel grateful for so you get into the feeling for this. Then you are going to share with your partner those things you feel grateful for about them. You will attract more of what you focus on. And you may also notice that things that used to bother you, you may not even notice as much anymore.

Increasing Intimacy

The intimacy we will be focusing on here is emotional intimacy. Receive feelings of validation and understanding because as you share something about yourself. Reveal to your partner some of the emotions that are more of a challenge to discuss. Come to a new understanding of yourself and your partner as you really listen to what your partner is saying and hear what is in their heart.

Releasing Resentment

Set yourself and your partner free of the burden of carrying around a heavy grudge. This process will help you release resentment. You can do it alone or together with your partner. It’s important to understand that thinking cannot process emotions. Feeling them is the only way to get through them. Honor yourself by releasing emotions when you need to release them.

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is you do for yourself. When you forgive someone your own mental and emotional sanity is restored, as well as your physical health. Forgiveness is a spiritual principle, meaning to give as before. Give yourself the gift of forgiving your partner and bring peace into your life.

Issue Clearing

Resolve any issue that has gone unsolved in your relationship. You will openly communicate about it in such a safe in which both partners walk away feeling completely understood and cared for.

Our Vision

You will journey together to your ideal relationship in the future. In this session you will be cued to think about all the various aspects of how you would like your relationship to be together and you will have an opportunity to share those visions with your partner during the program.

As you progress through your Couples Hypnosis sessions, you will learn more about yourself and grow closer in your love relationship.

Each session builds on the last and takes you to deeper levels of hypnotic discovery and intimacy within yourself and with each other.

This is in fact one marvelous program. You will get to interact with each other in hypnosis.

Couples Hypnosis is the ultimate tool for overcoming relationship issues. It’s a must have for anyone who wishes to transform and achieve a better love relationship.

Experience this extraordinary program and allow it to bring back the love you once had.

Naturally, you will love how easy and effortlessly relaxing it is to listen to the soothing sound of the of Victoria Gallagher’s hypnotic voice, as she guides you toward the best love relationship of your life.


As far as the Couple’s Therapy CD set, I can’t tell you enough! Bill and I talked about it last night and how perfectly it fitted our needs-it was intimate, structured, objective and very safe. We also feel strongly about our attitudes going into this program. We kept an open mind, remained vulnerable and honest and were there for each other. Key is not to “blame” each other, but to go in with the purpose of healing the relationship-not changing your mate. In my personal opinion, I felt it was more productive and healing than seeing a therapist who for their own reasons are not totally objective and carry their own agendas. This was the perfect anecdote to the confusion we held in our life’s. Thank you Victoria!!


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