Victoria Gallagher -Good Luck Hypnosis

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 Victoria Gallagher -Good Luck Hypnosis

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Do you ever feel unlucky?
Do you wish there was something you could do to attract better luck?

Feel like there is no way you’ll ever become lucky?

With this thought provoking hypnosis program you can improve your luck in just eight weeks! It will not only increase your luck with money, but also in your love life and career. By following this eight session program you will begin to see changes in your life immediately. Possibly just smalls ones to start, the person you have been daydreaming over strikes up a conversation with you, or your boss gives you the heads up about a new job posting that you’re interested in, but even these small changes will show you have become lucky. Victoria’s calm and soothing voice will help you open your heart and mind to all the possibilities that are out there just waiting for you to let them in. By opening yourself up to the universe you can begin to attract better luck to all areas of your life.

Track One: Ready for Luck

In Ready for Luck you will start to prepare yourself to become lucky. By listening to this hypnosis session you will learn to open up your heart and mind to all the things around you. You will open your physical and mental eyes to every situation that surrounds you and soon you begin to see all the possibilities available to improve your luck in your everyday life. Once you begin to see the possibilities it is time to move forward to the second session.

Track Two: Mental alertness

In this session you learn to condition your mind to recognize the various opportunities to improve your luck that you encounter every day. You will walk step by step through the tools and thought process you need to naturally and effortlessly recognize the abundance of opportunities you encounter. However the Mental alertness hypnosis session does not stop there. In this session you will also learn how to utilize each opportunity you are given. If you don’t have the proper level of conscious and subconscious awareness you will not be able to recognize and use these opportunities to their fullest potential in order to attract better luck and become lucky.

Track Three: Generosity

So, now you have not only tuned into the many opportunities that you naturally encounter every day, but you have also learned how to best use these opportunities to benefit the goals you have for your life. In the Generosity hypnosis session you will learn the benefits of passing the luck down the line. Many people discount the power the generosity can have in what you attract to your life. Using this session regularly will help you to create a spirit of generosity. This will enable you to attract better luck into your life from new and interesting places. When you learn to be generous without thought, without effort, you will attract even more luck into your life. By helping others become lucky as well you can greatly improve your luck as well.

Track Four: Desire

The purpose behind this hypnosis session is to help you get in touch with the things you want most in life. When you listen to Victoria’s soothing assistance you will be able to effortlessly connect with your innermost desires. By making these connections you will be able to better understand yourself and what you most want out of life. When you are in touch with your innermost dreams and desires; when you can see yourself achieving these goals, having the things and lifestyle you have always wanted, you will naturally attract better luck into your life.

Track Five: Intuition

Now you have learned how to condition your mind to properly handle it when you become lucky. You have learned how to approach life with a naturally loving and generous spirit, and how to get in touch with your innermost desires. In the fifth hypnosis session you learn how to harness one of the most important senses you have naturally within you. It stands to reason the more in touch you are with your inner self, that small voice inside of you that tells you when something is good or bad, the better chance you will have to attract better luck to your life.

Track Six: Re-framing

In the re-framing hypnosis session, you take the next step forward in your journey to attract better luck to your life. Victoria will calmly lead you through situations in your past that may have had better outcomes if you had made a different choice. You will begin to examine your previous choices while incorporating your new found ability to tune into your natural intuition. Did you follow the path your inner voice was trying to lead you down? How do you feel the outcome related to this decision? How do you think it would have been different if you had made a different choice, followed your true self more carefully.

Track Seven: Luck Anchor

This session will help you change the natural energy and vibrations you send out into the universe. When you change the vibrations you send out it will help improve your luck effortlessly, with no extra effort on your part. By creating your luck anchor you will find you become lucky more and more often.

Track Eight: Morning Luck Meditation

This last hypnosis session is exactly what it seems to be. When you participate in this simple visualization exercise at the start of every day, you will learn to focus your mind and energy in ways that will naturally attract better luck to you throughout your day.


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