Victoria Gallagher – Lemonade Fast

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Victoria Gallagher – Lemonade Fast

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Have you wanted to try the Master Cleanser book by Stanley Burroughs?
Do you want to reduce the stress of losing weight with hypnosis?

Are you concerned about your ability to maintain the weight loss after the program ends?

In 2004 Victoria discovered Stanley Burroughs book Master Cleanser for the first time. After following the program for 21 days she lost 16 pounds!! When she saw she was able to maintain the weight loss even after the program was over she decided to create a two track hypnosis program to be used along with the program to help others maintain the weight loss they achieve with the program as well.

Track One: Master Cleanser Helper

This hypnosis session is designed to be used while you participate in the Master Cleanser program. Victoria’s calm and soothing voice will show you how to open up your mind to receive the full mental and spiritual benefits of the program. When you use this session along with the Master Cleanser program you will significantly reduce the stress of losing weight, which will make changing your behaviors a relaxing and effortless process. By making it possible to reduce the stress of losing weight you will effortlessly maintain the weight loss you have achieved while on the program.

Track Two: Healthy Eating Maintenance

This hypnosis session is intended to be used after you have fully completed the Master Cleanser program. This hypnosis session will help you maintain the weight loss and continue the new and healthy lifestyle you have achieved. By changing your thought processes so you crave healthy foods and environments. You will effortlessly remove yourself from unhealthy thoughts and decisions, and naturally make one healthy decision after the next. You will see major changes in the rest of your life also. You will be more satisfied with yourself which will make your spiritual and emotional relationships better as well. You will reduce the stress of losing weight and find that you maintain the weight loss without even trying!

When you buy this two session hypnosis program now for just $39.00, you will be making a commitment to yourself and your body that will change your life forever.

** This program is intended to be used with Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. In order to fully understand the process you will need to purchase and read his book before starting the sessions. It can currently be found at most health food stores or online through **

Disclaimer: While there are no known adverse affects caused by the “Master Cleanser,”, all of it’s entities, including it’s owner, Victoria Gallagher, are not liable for any issues resulting from the program upon which this hypnosis session is based.


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