Vince Lynch – Street Hypnotism

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One of the best hypnosis programs!


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Vince Lynch – Street Hypnotism

[34 Videos (8 FLV + 26 MP4) + 19 Manuals (PDF) + 16 Audio (MP3) + 12 ReadMe (TXT)]

Within the first day of signing up you will learn
When and where you need to practice being a hypnotist
An exact structure and opening that you can use to create a hypnotic vibe
How to get the perfect ‘eb and flow’ with your subjects
How to put your subjects in a peaceful state of mind before you do your pre-talk
The 8 thing’s that every pretalk needs to have
The 5 things you need to do to hypnotize someone
And the 7 things that is missing from Super Suggestions from other training companies

You’ll be able to by tonight
Present hypnosis without sounding cheesy, like a salesman, you’ll draw people in.
Actually have conversation and social skills that make you appear attractive – like a good deal.
Know exactly where your going with your interactions.

You will also know the 3 thing’s that automatically make people listen to you:
A comprehensive pretalk explaination
The way to captivate their emotion
How to know the signs of hypnotic responsiveness…

Working with compliance in the evening sessions:
Instantly spot good subjects ‘emotionally responsive’
How to re-educate misconceptions about hypnosis.. and turn bad subjects into great ones quickly
Ways to create killer moments with your subjects.

Getting quick intense responses:
how to treat them well, how to avoid arguments
advanced handshakes
handsticks, handclasped.

When you study the Advanced Routines Guide included in the pack
You’ll be understanding how to perform mental phenomena such as name amnesia, invisibility and more
How to be able to get someone to hand over their cash
Ways to make people tell you their PIN number in a normal conversation
The way to make people tell you their secrets, and why this will make them compelled to build a relationship with you.
Ways to superfast any relationship into a strong bond!
How to get further continued meetings, and bookings with a friend, potential lovemate, or business person.
You will have a complete grasp of waking hypnosis


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