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Vincent James – 12 Month Millionaire

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Vincent James – 12 Month Millionaire


An Insider Story:
How I made a 100 million dollars
with a pen… a pad… and a simple idea

Here’s How You Can Make $100 Million With Your Ideas…

“The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx… eBay…… Time Warner… Apple Computer… McDonalds… Microsoft… Nike… Yahoo… Ford Motor Company… General Motors… and Goodyear COMBINED!”
Finally! Successful Entrepreneur and High School Drop-Out Vincent James Breaks 12 Years of Silence To Teach YOU His Money-Making Strategies and Powerful Secrets That Anyone Can Use To (legally) Make As Much As $77 Million By This Time Next Year!

DISCOVER why marketing guru GARY HALBERT is calling this…


“I urge you to go and lock the door… take the phone off the hook… grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this letter- because it’s just that damn important!”

From: Vincent James
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Friend,

Read what marketing guru- Gary Halbert has to say about me and why you should listen to every word I say…

“I got to know this guy. He’s from New Jersey, as street smart as they come, and he has the energy of a shitweasel on amphetamines. He created a business that generated $100,000,000 in 23-short months. Vincent did this with just a pen, a pad, and a simple idea. I believe this is by far the most important marketing product ever put together. In it, he reveals a lot of secrets that even I have never before revealed to anyone (except a few clients and my closest friends). If you dare say the information you get from this product was already known to you or it wasn’t worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar.
Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me. And I am now using these secrets when I create advertising for myself or for my clients.”


Are you interested in discovering proven “step-by-step” techniques for DRAMATICALLY exploding your bank balance?

Would you like to QUICKLY set up a print promotion or website that makes you tons of money (I’m talking 6…7… and even 8-figure money)… 24/7… even while you’re sleeping?

If so… I know you’ll find this letter EXTREMELY valuable…

“Because I am going to show you what took me 12 years to perfect (and even spent 94 days in stripes to learn) a PROVEN “Battlefield Tested” system for learning, mastering and profiting from the BEST business in the world!”

I could have written a “bitch” of a pitch for my system… but I decided to let the product speak for itself. I’ve simply reprinted the entire “Introduction” for your review:


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